Broken Consort

A 'broken consort' is an ensemble made up of instruments from more than one family, for example, a group featuring both string and wind instruments.

Friday 10 February 2012

Class - 9th February

It was marginally warmer than last week inside the Church last night...despite the falling snow outside...and we continued to work on our large ensemble items...which are coming along nicely...although I'm expecting even more improvement next time, after all the furious half-term practising!

Small group items:
  • 'Scherzo & Trio in G minor' by Schubert (arr. Emerson) - Heather, Penny, Polly, Helen, Anya, Theresa & Mike
  • Concerto for Four Flutes by Telemann - Judy, Emily, Annabel & Kath
  • Trio Sonata in G minor by Telemann - Imogen, Diana & Joan


Polarfile said...

Talented as I am, I don't think I've yet developed the ability to be in two places at once. I will admit, however, to having been 'all over the place' last Thursday

Judy & Judy

Helen said...

Oops...that'll teach me for writing these posts when I'm half asleep!