Broken Consort

A 'broken consort' is an ensemble made up of instruments from more than one family, for example, a group featuring both string and wind instruments.

Thursday 21 October 2010

Class - 21st October

Hurrah! I think we've finally cracked the tricky cross-rhythms in the 'Great Gate of Kiev'...perhaps it was the arctic conditions in the Church this evening! I'm pleased to say that the other 'Pictures' are also coming along nicely, but we're yet to have a 'full house' at a rehearsal.

Small group items:
  • Wagner 'Siegfried Idyll' - Heather, Judy, Helen, Kath, Theresa, Polly, Dermot, Margaret & Mike
  • Loeillet Sonata in D minor - Imogen, Penny, Annie, Diana & Angela

Thursday 14 October 2010

Class - 14th October

We're still working away at the 'Great Gate of Kiev'...and it's not 'great' yet...but hopefully we'll be able to do it justice by the end of term! The ''Promenade' and 'The Old Castle' are sounding much better, and we're even beginning to get to grips with all the sharps (or flats for the clarinets)!

Small group items:
  • J. C. Bach Quintet in D major (Op. 11 No. 6)  - Penny, Diana, Kath, Polly, Margaret & Angela
  • 'Santis' by Chris Barron (Arr. H. Brammer) - Judy, Theresa, Dermot & Imogen
  • J. C. Bach Quartet in C major (Op. 19 No. 4) - Heather, Annie, Helen & Mike

Thursday 7 October 2010

Class - 7th October

Well, 'The Great Gate of Kiev' was definitely sounding more together (in places!)  this evening, although we're still finding it difficult to get our heads around all of the threes against twos...and changes in time signatures, but I'm sure it will all make sense eventually! The other 'Pictures' are coming along nicely, but it would be so much easier if they were all in the same key!

Small group items:
  • Wagner 'Siegfried Idyll' - Heather, Helen, Annabel, Judy, Kath, Theresa, Polly, Dermot, Margaret & Mike
  • Molter Three Concertos for Four Flutes & Continuo - Annie, Penny, Imogen, Diana & Angela

Friday 1 October 2010

Class - 30th September

We had nearly a full house last night, and made the most of it by working hard on the large ensemble items, starting with the final installment of the Mussorgsky 'Pictures', 'The Great Gate of Kiev'. Although it's not quite finished, there was certainly enough to be getting on with, including some deceptively difficult cross rhythms! The 'Promenade' and 'The Old Castle' are also beginning to take shape.

We also had our Inaugral General Meeting during the class, where we adopted the constitution, and elected a we are now officially a society!