Broken Consort

A 'broken consort' is an ensemble made up of instruments from more than one family, for example, a group featuring both string and wind instruments.

Thursday 19 July 2012

YouTube Update

Just a quick post to say that all of the videos from our concert last week have now found their way on to our YouTube the icon below to go straight there.

Friday 13 July 2012

Concert - 12th July

We enjoyed a wonderful evening of music making last night at our summer concert. Our audience was rather 'select', but appreciative nonetheless - thank you to those of you who braved the monsoon like conditions to support us! If you weren't there, here's what we played:


'Olympic Fanfare & Theme' – John Williams (Arr. H. Brammer)
The Broken Consort

'Serenade' – Derek Bourgeios (Arr. H. Brammer)
The Broken Consort

'Conversations 1, 2 & 3' for Two Flutes – Richard Rodney Bennett
Penny Layland & Judy Skelton (Flutes)

'Andante & Allegro' from Sonata in G major – Fasch
Heather Loebl & Helen Brammer (Flutes); Imogen Locke (Treble Recorder); Margaret Willson ('Cello) & Joan Goodall (Piano)

'Allegro' (from Sonata K279) – Mozart (Arr. James 'Red' McLeod)
Helen Brammer, Theresa Hitching & Dermot Stone (Clarinets)

'Valse Harmonique' – Simon Ballard
Heather Loebl (Flute; Helen Brammer (Clarinet); & Angela Ayton (Piano)

'Adagio & Rigadon' from Sonata in D minor – Schickhardt
Judy Skelton (Flute); Diana Locke (Tenor Recorder); Kath Russell (Violin); Mike Winterburn (Bassoon); & Angela Ayton (Piano)

'The Witches Frolic' – Granville Bantock
Margaret Willson ('Cello); Mike Winterburn (Bassoon); & Helen Brammer (Bass Clarinet)

'Allegro moderato' from Sonata in Bb major – Janitsch
Penny Layland (Flute); Annabel Crowe (Oboe); Polly Kaufmann (Viola); & Imogen Locke (Piano)

Tarantelle Italienne – Léon d'Ourville
Angela Ayton & Imogen Locke (Piano)

'Crown Imperial' – William Walton (Arr. H. Brammer)
The Broken Consort

There was, of course, an after concert party where much delicious food was consumed - thanks to our hosts Angela and Mike for a lovely end to the evening.

I filmed the concert, and have already edited some of the footage and uploaded it to our YouTube channel, the rest will be added over the next few days - I'll post a message on here once they've all been uploaded.

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Class - 5th July

**Apologies...I wrote and (I thought) published this on Saturday, but just discovered it was still a draft post***

It was our last rehearsal before the concert on Thursday, so it was all systems go! We began by rehearsing our large ensemble pieces...I filmed those, and will be adding the videos to our YouTube Channel soon. Then we managed to whizz through nearly all of the small group pieces too:
  • Sonata in G major by Fasch - Heather, George, Imogen, Margaret & Joan
  • 'Allegro' (from Sonata K279) by Mozart (Arr. James 'Red' McLeod) - Helen, Theresa & Dermot
  • 'Valse Harmonique' by Simon Ballard - Heather, Helen & Angela
  • Sonata in D minor by Schickhardt - Judy, Diana, Kath, Mike & Angela
  • Sonata in Bb major by Janitsch - Penny, Annabel, Polly & Imogen

Sunday 1 July 2012

Class - June 28th

Sorry this is so late...I've been having a few problems with my internet, but fingers crossed it's sorted now! Anyway, there was some serious rehearsing going on at this week's class...the concert is drawing near, and we almost had a 'full house'.  Our large ensemble pieces are almost there, we're just putting the finishing touches to those...although we've not heard them with everyone present yet, and there's only one more rehearsal before the concert!

Small group items:
  • 'Allegro' (from 'Sonata K279') by Mozart (Arr. James 'Red' McLeod) - Helen, Theresa & Dermot
  • Sonata in G major by Fasch - Heather, George, Imogen, Maragret & Joan
  • Sonata in D minor by Schickhardt - Diana, Kath, Mike & Angela
  • Sonata in Bb major by Janitsch - Penny, Annabel & Polly