Broken Consort

A 'broken consort' is an ensemble made up of instruments from more than one family, for example, a group featuring both string and wind instruments.

Friday 16 March 2012

Class - 15th March

Last night's class was the last rehearsal before our concert next we were busy, busy, busy! As well as rehearsing all of our small group pieces, I filmed our large group items for our Youtube channel...although I had a bit of a fail with camera turned itself off, so I didn't get everything, so will have to record the rest, along with the chamber pieces, at the concert.

Small group items:
  • 'Four Old Tunes' by Gordon Jacob - Heather, Annabel, Theresa & Mike
  • Telemann Concerto in D minor - Emily, Kath, Polly, Margaret & Angela
  • Quintet in F by Pepusch - Judy, Penny, George, Diana & Imogen
  • Telemann Trio Sonata in G minor - Imogen, Diana, Margaret & Joan
  • 'Scherzo & Trio in G minor' by Schubert - Heather, Penny, Polly, Helen, Theresa & Mike
  • Haydn 'London Trio No. 1' - Heather, Judy & Margaret
  • Boismortier Quartet in A minor - George, Emily, Kath & Angela

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