Broken Consort

A 'broken consort' is an ensemble made up of instruments from more than one family, for example, a group featuring both string and wind instruments.

Thursday 8 March 2012

Class - 8th March

Normal service has resumed...the piano was no longer wedged in the doorway this evening, and it was good to be able to arrange ourselves in our usual positions again! We had almost a full house...we're yet to have everyone in attendance...the first time that happens this term may well be at the concert! Everything sounded really good tonight ...although it did take us a couple of attempts to all finish 'Shepherd's Hey' together...and here's only one more week to get that right - eeeek!

Small group items:
  • 'London Trio' (No. 1) by Haydn - Heather, Judy & Margaret
  • Trio Sonata in G minor by Telemann - Imogen, Diana, Margaret & Joan
  • 'Scherzo & Trio in G minor' by Schubert - Heather, Penny, Polly, Helen, Theresa & Mike
  • 'Sonata da Camera' by Janitsch - George, Judy, Emily, Kath & Angela

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